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From March 1st we are featuring Strange Weather’s INFAMOUS FRUIT as our BEER OF THE MONTH.


Infamous Fruit is a take on the traditional style of Northern German sour beer called a Gose. The Gose is traditionally known for a fresh citrus acidity, herbal aromas and a dry finish due to the addition of a small amount of salt to the beer. Along with this zesty sour profile we decided to add some of our favourite fruits in a style that will highlight their flavours, the mango and passionfruit. With this combination we tried to balance the light tropical sweetness and fresh aroma of the mango, with the natural acidity and juiciness of the passionfruit. The match up of tropical fruit, paired with the slight addition of salt, come together to deliver a really fresh sessionable tropical punch.


They are driven by the love for beer, and run by two beer geeks with vast experience within the world of beer. Strange Weather focuses on hoppy beers and low alcohol German style sour beers. Even though they experiment with ingredients and techniques, their aim is to always make easy drinkable and well balanced beers.

Only available during March at Landgreven, Vesterport Station, Carlsberg Byen and Værnedamsvej.